The history of BERGER dates back to 1823, when Don Anselme, a religious monk and botanist, passed on an absinthe recipe to Charles Frédéric BERGER. The latter gave birth to the first BERGER distillery in Couvet, Switzerland. Seven years later, in 1830, the BERGER brand was officially created.

The first aniseed-flavored BERGER BLANC aperitif was created in 1923. Subtle and original, it showcases the purity of aniseed.
A few years later, in 1947, PASTIS BERGER, also known as “le jaune”, made its appearance. The freshness of licorice gives it its high quality and exceptional flavor. At the end of the 40s, millions of bottles left Marseille every year to be sold throughout France.

Classic or Original?


For 4cl of BERGER

Add 20cl of fresh water

Add ice cubes at the end


For 4cl of BERGER

Add 1.5cl of lime

Extend lemonade