Synonymous with tradition and quality for over 110 years, founded in 1913 by Companhia Antárctica Paulista, DUBAR was born of the desire to innovate in the Brazilian beverage market with differentiating, natural ingredients.

Located in Jundiaí, São Paulo, the company distributes traditional Dubar products such as Fogo Paulista and Zora Genebra.

The company’s age-old credibility is the result of years of experience and total mastery of every stage of the production process, combined with strict quality control that ensures a unique level of excellence for all its products.

Fogo Paulista

Over half a century old, Fogo is one of Dubar’s most famous traditional drinks.

The drink is obtained by macerating herbs and seeds, including lavender, angelica, anise, mint, cloves, cinnamon and pure honey, in addition to water and sugar.

In addition to 15 herbs, the recipe contains secret ingredients that give it a unique and incomparable touch.

Zora Genebra

A typical Dutch beverage, juniper is considered the mother drink of “Gin”, inspiring its creation.

Distilled from neutral alcohol in the presence of juniper berries and other plants, it contains over 10 herbs, including angelica, cloves, nutmeg, alcohol and barley.

Distillation takes place in copper stills, with optimal control of temperature and alcohol content, and constant tasting. The jenever production process takes about 7 days.

Fernet Fenetti

Originally created in Milan in 1845, the traditional Fernet has been part of Dubar’s product range for over half a century.
Dubar’s Fernet Fenetti recipe is one of the brand’s oldest and most precious.

Legend has it that it’s kept under lock and key inside the factory. To produce Fernet Fenetti, it is necessary to macerate bark, roots, seeds, flowers and fruit.

The recipe relies on over 18 different types of herbs and spices, including licorice, mint, gentian and Roman wormwood, as well as alcohol and water. No preservatives are added.

Loewe Steinhager

Steinhäger was born in Germany over 500 years ago and has spread throughout Brazil thanks to its inimitable flavor.

This is a product obtained by distilling aromatic herbs in the presence of juniper berries and cereals.

Dubar Steinhäger Lowe contains over 10 herbs in its composition, including coriander, clove, fennel, angelica, water, juniper and barley.

Vodka Zvonka

Dubar’s ZVONKA vodka is made from extra-neutral cane alcohol. To achieve this, a triple distillation process is used, resulting in a fine, gentle distillation.

Gin Dubar

Created in Holland around the 17th century, gin was born with the aim of becoming a new medicine.

Dubar Gin is distilled from juniper and herbs such as coriander, lily, cucumber, orange peel and flowers, among others, for a total of 20 medicinal plants.

The blend of these flavors is intriguing, bringing freshness with a certain acidity and floral notes.