El Galipote is the perfect incarnation of high-quality, expressive Caribbean rum.

Dark Rum

40% Vol

Reddish amber in color, the dark rum perfectly reflects the essence of Caribbean rum: soft notes of dried fruit that blend harmoniously with caramel aromas, leaving an elegant and gentle, but definitely interesting impression.

White Rum

37.5% Vol

A perfectly balanced blend gives white rum both lightness and aromaticity. Subtle but still fruity citrus notes are accompanied by hints of vanilla – a combination that makes it a real celebrity on the rum scene.


35% Vol

The intense, rich character of spiced rum is achieved by combining the deep, rich flavor base of Caribbean rum with sweet, savory spices that take you from the first sip to the final taste.


37.5% Vol

With a rather unusual trendy blend of Caribbean white rum and natural strawberry flavor, pink rum offers the ideal proportion of sweetness and intensity for a refreshing pink mojito.